National preview of the Merano WineFestival on 13 and 14 October in Rome

WineHunter at the Acquario of Rome is the opportunity for a national preview of the 27th Edition of the Merano WineFestival (9-13 November). An exceptional setting will be the backdrop of an event during which it will be possible to introduce and sample high quality food and wines from all over Italy, featuring show-cooking sessions and mixology competitions that will reward the best cocktails.

Merano, 26 September 2018 –An elegant and charming location right in the centre of Rome, but also a building of important historic and artistic value. This is the Acquario of Rome, which on 13 and 14 October will be host to one of the WineHunter celebrations organised by Helmuth Köcher, “hunter of food&wine excellence”, and offering a national preview of the 27th edition of the Merano WineFestival.

After the announcement of the local preview, which will take place at the Merano Hippodrome during Gran Premio Merano Alto Adige (Merano South Tyrol Grand Prix), it will be the turn of the national preview. And what better city than the capital for hosting such exclusive international food and wine festival? Within the frame of an important occasion dedicated to public and producers, during the two days inside the enchanting Acquario of Rome Helmuth Köcher will give a preview of the 2018 Merano Festival, through sampling sessions, show-cooking and press conference attended by specialist press representatives (Saturday 13, 12.00 noon). Who will be the stars of the sampling sessions that will take place at the Acquario of Rome during the two days? They will be a brewery and 61 wine makers from all over Italy, who have been celebrated by The WineHunter Award with Rosso or Gold Awards, or are competing for the coveted Platinum award, which will be rewarded during the Merano WineFestival (9-13 November). But it will be much more than just sampling sessions: a chance for networking among producers; show-cooking sessions with well-known chefs like Lucio Pompilli, Antonio Paolino and Francesco Sciabbarrasi; special mixology competitions – the Pallini Perfect Cocktail Competition – for the best cocktails, taking place on Sunday 14 October (from 2.00 pm).

The 2018 edition of the Merano WineFestival will be attended by over 950 of the best wine producers from Italy and the world, over 120 taste artisans and many well-known Food&Wine personalities. The year’s program opening will include, as usual, a space dedicated to organic and biodynamic wines. This will be followed by The Official Selection wines, in the enchanting settings of the Kurhaus, and the gastronomic products of the Gourmet Arena. And again, the unmissable Charity Wine Masterclasses, and the new introductions of the year: The Circle – People, Lands, Experiences, in the beautiful Piazza della Rena Square, and Spirits Experience, an area dedicated to the mixology world. All this for a Merano WineFestival focused more and more on excellence and quality, and five days during which it will be possible to sample the best foods and wines that Italy can offer.