Chef of the Year by Gambero Rosso is Emanuele Pollini in Moscow (Ovo by Cracco)

Top Italian Restaurants 2020

Luca Fantin in Tokyo is the Restaurant of the Year, the Chef of the Year is Emanuele Pollini in Moscow. The pizzeria? It’s on the outskirts of Berlin…

Three years of Top Italian Restaurants, the online guide of Gambero Rosso that lines up the best Italian addresses abroad. The 2020 edition lists and promotes over 600 addresses among restaurants, pizzerias and wine bars located in more than 80 cities around the world and spanning all 5 continents. “Top Italian Restaurants is in line with our mission to attract the attention of enthusiasts and gourmets from all over the world on the ambassadors of the real Italian taste” states Paolo Cuccia, President of Gambero Rosso”. We decided to publish it only in english since the first edition in order to reach widest possible international audience. The project, curated by columnist Lorenzo Ruggeri, proposes itineraries in the spirit of authentic Italian flavour in the main global cities.

“Be Italian, wherever you are” is the guide’s payoff, from the first edition only in English, available for free on the web:

Lots of news on the new Guide, confirming an increasingly dynamic and competitive landscape, between places that defend traditions with pride and extraordinary passion, and our typical way of living and understanding the table, together with stimulating fusion and sustainable philosophies: they are proof of the future of Italian cuisine.

The rating used is the classic range from one to a maximum of three. There are 25 Italian Tre Forchette (fine dining restaurant) in this edition, the Tre Gamberi (modern bistrot and trattoria-style restaurants are 15, the pizzerias of excellence with Tre Spicchi are 15, there are 20 Tre Bottiglie, for the great collections of Italian wine in the world. The most awarded cities? Top tiers go to Paris, Tokyo, New York and Copenhagen.

Here are the Special Awards which summarise the best 12 months of travel and tastings. The Chef of the Year is Emanuele Pollini, a true talent in the kitchens of Lotte Hotel in Moscow; Tèrra in Copenhagen, of young Valerio Serino and Lucia De Luca, is the Emerging Restaurant marking the best progression.

The Pizzeria of the Year has rhythm in its blood: Futura in Berlin, the project of the excellent pizza chef Alessandro Leonardi and lead vocalist of Planet Funk, Alex Uhlmann. For the Opening of the Year we move to Chelsea, New York, the project coordinated by Francesco Panella, Feroce breaks all competition.

Mancini in Stockholm, active since 1978, wins the Guardian of Tradition award for his particular attention to the respect and quality of ingredients. The Wine List of the Year rewards the work of ebullient Gianni Caprioli, and of a great palate, Emanuele Berselli: the Giando winery is among the skyscrapers of Hong Kong. The Restaurant of the Year is the Luca Fantin Restaurant in Tokyo. For Gambero Rosso it’s the best experience of Italian cuisine in the world. For 10 years a model of serious talent and authorial cuisine in the Ginza district.

The award ceremonies will be held around the world with a dense calendar of 50 events, together with the best wineries in Italy. Along with some special awards: the Surgiva Taste & Design Award brings attention to the addresses that combine flavour, hospitality and attention to detail; Villa Sandi will bestow the best Contemporary Wine Lists; Petra Molino Quaglia will accompany the best Italian doughs abroad.

Top Italian Restaurants can be browsed for free here:

Top Italian Restaurants Special Awards 2020

  • Chef of The Year – Emanuele Pollini (Mosca)
  • Restaurant of the Year – Il Ristorante Luca Fantin (Tokyo)
  • Pizzeria of the Year – Futura (Berlino)
  • Guardian of Tradition – Mancini (Stoccolma)
  • Up-and-coming Restaurant of the Year – Tèrra (Copenaghen)
  • Best New Opening – Feroce (New York).